Peyton’s Choice



17 year-old Peyton Andrews seems like the girl who has it all. With a 4.0 grade average and a full scholarship to UCLA, she has a promising future ahead of her. She’s tall, blonde and beautiful: the ultimate California girl. But she’s always felt like an outsider when it comes to dating. While all of her friends are out with their boyfriends on Saturday night, she’s at home watching television with her mother. Now her senior prom is on the horizon and the prospect of going alone is depressing.

20 year-old Brad Davis is everything she ever dreamed of – and more. Tall, dark and handsome, Brad is intelligent, focused and more importantly, he is as attracted to her as she is to him. Finally, Peyton discovers what it’s like to be in a committed relationship, the positives as well as the negatives, as she enjoys her summer by the sea with good friends and a caring boyfriend.

Knowing Brad has been sexually active and feeling ready to take that step, Peyton sees her doctor and obtains a prescription for birth control. On prom night, she and Brad take their relationship to the next level.

Then, the unexpected happens and Peyton finds that she is pregnant. How could this happen? What is she going to do? Faced with a decision that will affect not only her and her family but Brad as well, Peyton considers her options and comes to the conclusion that she is not ready to give up her future and become a teenage mother. Should she tell Brad? Will he understand or will he demand that she keep the baby? How will her friends react? What about her parents? Will she ultimately regret her decision to terminate the pregnancy? There are no easy answers and the answers Peyton seeks are to be found in her own heart.


The book is didactic without being at all preachy. It acknowledges various attitudes towards abortion but hones in on the central question: should a pregnant woman have the sole right to decide her fate?             – Paul D. Garret

PEYTON’S CHOICE was an emotional ride for me. It left me wondering about a lot of “what ifs” and mostly, if made me face the fact that I have an almost fifteen year old daughter. – Susandyer1962

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